Imperial Hurstville Pre-Settlement Day

Imperial has brought life into the architectural treasure and it is now settling to be a new chapter of Hurstville.

In the heart of Hurstville, Piety THP Developments welcomed purchasers around Australia for their pre-settlement inspections on our richly iconic architecture.

With a warm scent of a brand new home, purchasers were able to witness their plans luxuriously brought to life.

Ahead of its time, yet an instant classic, Imperial’s striking profile and richly-conceived apartments offer the kind of style that shines brighter than all else.

The building created with heart, soul and imagination spoke itself to our purchases, allowing them to walkaway with contentment and fulfillment.

“I am speechless.. definitely more than what we’d expected”  says one of our purchasers.

Piety THP Developments and Stanisic Architecture is honored to have delivered a game-changing piece for the Hurstville community.

Highlights of the Day 

Imperial welcoming purchasers into the iconic double tower
Pre-Settlement Inspection
Pre-Settlement Inspection
Pre-Settlement Inspection
Display Suite Inspection
A housewarming gift for our lucky purchasers
Imperial Hurstville