Partnership with Summer Housing

Piety THP are proud to formally announce a new partnership with Summer Housing. Together, they will aid in increasing the range and scale of housing for people with disability.

10 custom designed apartments are now open for application in the stunning new Piety THP project, ‘View’ Rockdale.

Younger Australians with disability are often forced into nursing homes, living with residents that are vastly older because there is no other housing for them. To address this, Summer Housing is partnering with Piety THP, among others, to build expertly customised housing with a premium visual aesthetic in Rockdale’s best and largest new project.

“Over 6,200 younger Australians with disability are forced to live in nursing homes with people in their seventies, eighties and older—this not an ideal situation for someone in their twenties or thirties, and that’s putting it mildly, ” said Nigel Napoli of Piety THP.

“Naturally, when Summer Housing approached us with this news, we were very keen to help do something about it. To accommodate such a fantastic organisation and integrate their designs into ‘View’, Rockdale is something we’re very excited about here at Piety THP.”

The homes themselves are beautifully presented single-level apartments, designed to achieve Platinum level certification under Livable Housing Design Guidelines. Meeting High Physical Support design requirements under the NDIS, these units have structural provision for ceiling hoists and are assistive technology ready for high-livability.

Dan McLennan of Summer Housing says that creating the opportunity for people with disability to live in high-quality housing commensurate with the opportunities which exist for everyone else in the community is a very satisfying thing for all parties involved.

“Our goal is to provide those in need with long-term housing that affords them independence whilst breaking down the major housing barriers that people with disability face.” he explained.

There will be 10 apartments available to SDA eligible participants as of April 2019. Applications are now open for Summer Housing apartments at View, Rockdale.

About Summer Housing: Established in 2017, Summer Housing’s mission is to expand the range and scale of diverse housing options for people with disability living in, or at risk of admission to, residential aged care, particularly younger people. Summer Housing’s vision is to see all people with disability and complex care needs have the opportunity to live in high-quality housing that enables them to live as independently as possible, enhancing their health, wellbeing and participation in the community.