Rockdale: An Underrated Gem

Did someone say trifecta? When it comes to location, Rockdale hits out of the ballpark with the city, beach and airport all in its proximity.

Situated in the South Sydney precinct, Rockdale is  one of the busiest metropolitan areas, being highly connected and convenient for professionals on the go.

Being only a 20 minute drive from the CBD and one suburb over from Sydney Airport, it is no surprise that investors flock to this hidden gem.

Apart from its location, Rockdale boasts diversity in housing, retail and public facilities contributing to it’s rising median house price of $1,220,000, annual capital growth of 9.18% and strong rental market. The general consensus is that Rockdale is one of Sydney’s hottest, up and coming suburbs, with good return on investment.

Residents describe Rockdale as wholesome with a mix of bustling shopping centers, businesses and countless green spaces and recreational attractions. Locals enjoy spending their time relaxing at Rockdale Bicentennial Park, watching their favourite team at St George Soccer Stadium or getting a hole-in-one at the Kogarah Golf Course on the Cooks River.

The most loved part of Rockdale though is its diverse and vibrant culture which brings lively events, festivals and of course, delicious food to the community. Walking through the streets of Rockdale, you will find a wonderful mix of ethnicities such as Nepalese, Macedonian, Indian and Egyptian – it is a truly a cultural melting pot!

A suburb like Rockdale won’t go unnoticed for very long, so it’s time to jump on it and invest.