One The Waterfront: lifestyle without compromise

Location, location, location. The real estate catch-cry is endlessly repeated for a reason.

You could find your dream house, with the perfect amount of space, the ideal layout, and all of the bells and whistles you’d hoped for, but if it’s in a bad location, it can be all but useless to you.

In a competitive real estate market like Sydney’s, compromises often have to be made – your budget only stretches so far, after all. With location at the forefront of everyone’s mind, the compromise is often with the property itself – perhaps it’s smaller than you’d hoped, less luxurious, or the quality is somewhat lacking. On the flipside, your search for a minimum number of bedrooms could see you venturing further from the CBD than you’d originally planned.

Either way, the ideal property in the ideal location is generally seen to be out of reach for all but the top handful of Sydney buyers.

Until now.

One The Waterfront: The Evolution of Sydney Apartment Living

Buyers shouldn’t need to compromise. They should be given the chance to own their ideal property in an equally ideal location. This is the idea behind one of Sydney’s most exciting developments – One The Waterfront.

But what exactly makes One The Waterfront different?

The Location

The number one concern for property investors is no concern at all at One The Waterfront. Located in Wentworth Point, in the city’s inner-west, you’ll be less than half an hour’s drive from the Sydney CBD, ready and able to enjoy all that comes with inner-city living. But you’ll also be able to escape the hustle and bustle, your property being nestled alongside the peace, tranquillity and stunning natural beauty of the Parramatta River.

The waterway: The Parramatta River is the mighty waterway that leads directly to Sydney Harbour. The Wentworth Point pier offers residents a perfectly relaxing way to get to the city – by ferry. When you’re not travelling to and fro, the water is there to simply be enjoyed – nature comes to you at One The Waterfront, so grab a book, take a seat and enjoy the serenity.

Local amenities: One The Waterfront is perfectly located for day-to-day living. Wentworth Point is home to a brand new shopping center, plus One The Waterfront is situated right in front of The Piazza – a beautiful mediterranean style dining precinct.

A quick walk across Bennelong Bridge will bring you to the Rhodes precinct, home to great shopping and magnificent dining. Rhodes train station is also found here, from which you can venture to any part of the city. And where water surrounds the north and east of Wentworth Point, the green spaces, stadiums and leisure centres of Sydney Olympic Park wrap around its south and west, offering a wealth of entertainment, fun and relaxation to lucky residents.

The Development

There is nothing run-of-the-mill about the residential living offered by One The Waterfront; here you’ll find modern inner-city living with a generous helping of tropical resort.

Apartments by Turner: Does any interior designer better encapsulate modern luxury than Turner? Renowned for their sleek, stunning and perfectly functional work, Turner have painstakingly crafted the apartments of One The Waterfront to capture the essence of the development at large. These are intelligent living spaces – with Urmet, you have the ability to control the entire apartment at the touch of a button – and feature generous natural light, stunning stone countertops and opulent gold finishes.

Lifestyle without compromise; it’s a concept that’s all but vanished from the Sydney property market, but it’s exactly what One The Waterfront offers.

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