8 Reasons Why Imperial Hurstville is Perfectly Placed for City Living

Located in the economic hub of South Sydney, Imperial Hurstville boasts an incredibly convenient location.

The local Hurstville area offers everything that a resident might want or need, whether they’re a single professional, a young family, an empty-nester or a retiree. From transport and education to shopping and leisure, let’s take a look at eight of the most desirable amenities that Hurstville offers, all of which can be found just walking distance from Imperial Hurstville.

  1.      Hurstville Train Station

Located just 550m from Imperial, Hurstville Train Station is the transport hub of Sydney’s south. A 20 minute express train service regularly takes commuters from Hurstville to the city centre without  stop in between, while a wealth of other lines connect residents to the city’s other major centres. From this hub you can quickly and comfortably get to Parramatta, Bondi and many other destinations. Buses leave from here too, further broadening a resident’s travel options.

As the central suburb of southern Sydney, almost all of the region’s transport connections run through Hurstville Train Station. If you can’t get to it from Hurstville, it’s not worth going to.

  1.      Westfield Hurstville

Just opposite Hurstville Train Station you’ll see Westfield Hurstville, the area’s main shopping centre, part of Australia’s largest shopping mall chain. Here you’ll find fashion, furniture and electronic stores, beauticians, supermarkets, dining options and a cinema. And the retail therapy doesn’t stop when you leave the mall – fresh and affordable produce can be found on the street outside the mall, with every imaginable food and cuisine represented.

  1.      Waratah and Hurstville Private Hospitals

Hurstville boasts two major private hospitals – Waratah and Hurstville – which are both less than 1.5 km from Imperial Hurstville. Both are respected and well-equipped institutions that have been servicing the local area for years, and offer the ultimate peace of mind to the residents of the area.

In addition to the two hospitals, Hurstville also boasts a wealth of health and beauty providers, including medical centres, dental clinics, optometrists, skin specialists and massage therapists. No matter your ailment, you’ll be able to get it seen to with a quick visit to a local professional.

  1.      Hurstville Public School

With a history dating back to 1876, Hurstville Public School has almost 150 years’ experience in providing quality education to the people of Hurstville, and has long been a pillar on which the community rests. Offering pre-school classes to underage children and special assistance to anyone who might need it, parents can be confident that their child will benefit from a quality and affordable education, delivered by teachers who are passionate about preparing the next generation for success.

Hurstville Public School is located just 550m from Imperial Hurstville, so parents don’t even have to worry about transporting their children to school!

  1.      Danebank Anglican School

For those who prefer that their children receive a private education, Danebank Anglican Girls School is just as perfectly placed – only 10 minutes walk from Imperial Hurstville – and offers a fantastic curriculum designed to develop a student’s academic potential. This modern campus has all the bells and whistles, including a performing arts centre, a dance studio, a basketball hall and an indoor water sports centre.

Building their school around the core Christian values of love and respect, Danebank has a history of producing high achievers. The staff here are incredibly passionate about what they do, and aim to help their students not only gain knowledge, but develop the confidence needed to succeed.

  1.      Hurstville City Library

Less than a kilometre from Imperial Hurstville, and a favourite of children, university students, freelancers and retirees alike, Hurstville City Library acts in many ways as the cultural hub of Hurstville. This is not just a place of learning, but of socialising, performing and entertaining too. Many local clubs and associations use this as their meeting place, and the facilities made available to the public draw all manner of people to the building throughout the week.

  1.      Hurstville CBD

The Hurstville CBD is centred on Hurstville Train Station and Westfield Hurstville, with Imperial Hurstville being located in its southeast corner. This is the economic hub of southern Sydney, and has everything that a resident might need – shopping, relaxation, dining, drinking, fitness, health, financial services and transport, to name but a few.

  1.      Forest Road (Food Street)

Carving a path through the Hurstville CBD, Forest Road is foodie heaven. Think of a world cuisine and its more than likely that you’ll find it right here. Asian in particular is strongly represented, with Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai and Indian restaurants all in heavy supply. The street also has a plethora of cafés, bars and pubs, making it the ideal destination no matter what time of the day or night you visit.

The cultural melting pot that is Hurstville is on full display here, and it’s all waiting to be enjoyed just outside Imperial Hurstville’s door.