Luxury of a Hotel, Comforts of Home at One The Waterfront

Luxuriously appointed apartments. A tranquil waterfront. Lush gardens and nature. Nothing quite compares to the holiday living offered by luxury resorts.

Those lucky enough to spend lazy days in places like the Bahamas, Fiji, Italy’s Amalfi Coast or a private island in the Maldives know the disappointment of leaving such a place to go back to the grind of their day-to-day lives.

So why leave at all?

That’s the simple premise behind One The Waterfront, Sydney’s most exciting new residential development. With a vision to create the future of suburban living, the team at One The Waterfront sought inspiration from the world’s most exclusive hotels, resorts and holiday villages. What makes these destinations so alluring? Why do guests never want to leave? And perhaps most importantly, why are the best parts of the luxury holiday experience only offered to holidaymakers?

One The Waterfront planned to offer its residents this luxury holiday living – but every day of the year.

The first item on the checklist was the location, and it was found in the stunning tranquillity of Wentworth Point. On the banks of the Parramatta River, and surrounded by the greenery of Sydney Olympic Park, residents enjoy levels of peace and natural beauty seldom seen in Sydney’s inner-city, creating just the luxury resort feel that the development needed. The CBD is just a half hour drive from the point, and can also be reached with a leisurely ferry cruise down the waterway.

The layout of the development was every bit as important as the location in creating the luxury holiday feel. Stanisic, the renowned architecture firm behind One The Waterfront, took inspiration from the world’s most exclusive tropical resorts; lush parks and gorgeous water features seamlessly blend architecture and nature, helping to bring the outdoors in. The importance of the surrounding river was highlighted, with Stanisic ensuring that uninterrupted views of the waterways could be enjoyed from as many parts of the site as possible.

The opportunities for leisure are endless here. Residents can relax at the waterfront and enjoy the immaculate grounds when weather permits, and are more than catered for whenever it doesn’t. One The Waterfront features a wealth of shared spaces, including Bay Park, a 5000sqm green space with playground, water fountains and walking paths, Pulse Club with tennis court, gym, indoor and outdoor pools and a skygarden on the rooftop including an outdoor cinema,

But while inspiration was drawn from some of the most alluring tourist spots from around the globe, it was important to the One The Waterfront team that the development remained distinctly Sydney – itself one of the world’s most captivating destinations.

The taste of home begins with the local flora and fauna of the waterfront, and flows into the site’s stunning apartments. A manifestation of modern Sydney, the properties of One The Waterfront are the perfect embodiment of contemporary luxury living. A wide variety of floorplans each offer high-end fixtures and finishes, and make generous use of natural light. Every component was carefully considered by the designers, resulting in flexible, perfectly balanced living spaces made for the demands of modern Sydney life.

The last day of a luxury holiday is always a bittersweet experience, leaving the fantasy to return to reality. So why not turn the fantasy into reality? Thanks to One The Waterfront, now you can.

PietyTHP / Developer

PietyTHP is an innovative real estate development company known for offering stylish, elegant and market-leading projects. With more than 30 years of development experience, Piety prides itself on utilising its strong partnerships to create high-end, unique projects.

PietyTHP has a reputation as an innovator, and boasts an enviable track record of successful constructions. Their developments are known for innovative design solutions, and are built using cutting-edge construction methods. You can be confident that by choosing Piety, you’re choosing the best.

Stanisic / Architect

Stanisic has built a reputation as a leader in the design of smart living, working and mixed environments. This award-winning architecture firm has a deep understanding of how urban living has evolved, and is committed to transforming Sydney’s residential and commercial spaces to better handle the demands of modern life, without ever compromising on beauty or luxury.